SEO – Local Search Engine Optimization

SEO – Local Search Engine Optimization Have you heard the term “Search Engine Optimization” but weren’t exactly sure what it meant?

What SEO implies is having your website URL (address) show up in the organic (FREE) search engine result (the result down the main part of the page in a search engine) based on specific keywords, terms or phrases for FREE, over and over and over again.

If you know how to do this it means driving thousands of qualified prospects to your business 24/7!

In order to dominate the first page of the search engines without having to pay for it (via pay-per-click marketing) there are a number of important attributes to consider. These attributes are related to both what is happening ON your website, and what is happening OFF of your website.

If you are unaware or not sure how these attributes work, let us perform an in-depth analysis of your site to determine whether or not it is running at its optimum level. We will conduct an extensive review and provide you with the following:

On-Site Attributes:
  • Title & Header Tag Analysis
  • Assessment of Quality, Unique On-Page Content
  • Site Structure & Internal Linking
  • Analytics & Tracking
Off-Site Attributes:
  • Detailed Competitive Analysis
  • Back-Link Report & Quality Analysis
  • Anchor Text
  • Directory Listings

Our website analysis and strategy report will provide information to boost your online presence and dramatically increase your traffic, saving you thousands of dollars on out-of-date traditional marketing methods.

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