Web Site Development & Optimization

Many of our clients are surprised to learn that the effectiveness of a website when it comes to search results has very little to do with how the site looks. Actually, some of the ugliest websites have done the best in terms of driving traffic.

That does not mean you want to have an ugly website! In fact, once you drive a prospective client to your website, you want them to stay. You need to be concerned not only about the fundamental principles of driving traffic but also about what it takes to turn your traffic into sales.

We have several options for you in developing and optimizing your online presence:
  • Site Development / Structure & Internal Linking
  • HTML Tag Optimization
  • Content Generation & Keyword Optimization
  • Strong Copywriting with Calls-To-Action
  • Prospect Information Capture & Email Marketing Implementation

Moreover, we can implement some or all of these options at a far lower cost than a big fancy design firm in addition to making it much more effective.

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